Real Estate REIT stocks to consider for 2020

REIT stands for Real Estate Investment Trust. It is good option how to incorporate real estate exposition to your portfolio without taking on leverage in form of mortgage. REITs in general offer much higher dividends than regular stocks.

Below are some REIT stocks that I'm personally thinking about buying in 2020. To evaluate REIT, do not use PE Price/Earnings ratio, use FFO Funds From Operations instead.

Note that mortgage reits are more like financial services sector than real estate. They provide real estate loans. Such REITs will be likely heavily impacted during longer term recession. They provide often more than 9% dividend yield, but are very risky. Limit their weight in the portfolio.

The 'buy' mark means that I will be likely buying the stock in the future, it is not recommendation to anyone else.

This is not investment advice.

Interesting REITs to consider:

Ticker Company Notes Action
GNL Global Net Lease not bad, owns buildings, 100% payout, hence likely share dilution
ACRE Ares Real Estate real estate loans
SKT tanger outlets approaching double bottom
SOHO Sotherly Hotels hotels, long history, good technicals, good dividend, hotels risky during recession buy maybe small position
SLG SL Green Reality offices
SBRA Sabra Health Care reit long history, amazing dividend, 400+ properties buy
PLYM Plymouth Industrial Reit warehouses, short history, good dividend buy maybe small position
BRG Bluerock Residental Reit multifamily, regular flats, nice properties, very good dividend, average technicals buy
EPR EPR Properties casinos, vineyards, schools, pretty ok dividend buy small position
RPT RPT Realty long history, good technicals, nice yield
BRX Brixmor Property shopping centers, huge amount of buildings, nice dividend, average technicals
WRI Weingarten Realty shopping centers, ok technicals, pretty ok dividend buy
VER Vereit pretty ok technicals, very good dividend
VTR Ventas nice dividend, soon pretty ok dividends, senior housing, medical offices buy
PSA Public Storage average dividend, soon pretty nice technicals, possible good swing trade
IVR Invesco Mortgage Capital mortgage loans, very high dividend, average technicals, Invesco is well known company, mortage backed securities are risky, limit to small position buy
DLR Digital Realty datacenters
CONE Cyrus One datacenters
COR CoreSite Realty datacenters
LAND Gladstone Land farmland, I love the stock long term, it is just farmland, lower yield buy
FPI Farmland Partners farms, low dividend, bad technicals
CORR Corenergy Infrastructure Trust nice dividend, very bad technicals (resistance) maybe buy a little
UNIT Unity Group communication infrastructure, fiber, bad technicals
OUT Outfront Media billboards
LAMR Lamar Advertising billboards
GLPI Gaming and Leisure casinos, good dividend
MGP MGM Growth Properties casinos, good dividend
O Realty Income amazing company, overpriced right now
WELL Welltover
NRZ New Residential Investment mortgage REIT, high dividend, meh-ok technicals you can buy small position
SPG Simon Property Group
LTC LTC Properties health care, senior housing
STOR STORE Capital Corporation
MAIN Main Street Capital mortgage REIT possible buy
WSR Whitestone REIT shopping centers, good dividend, average technicals
APLE Apple Hospitality REIT has Marriot or Hilton, that's pretty good brands, good dividend, average technicals, very stable dividend that does not grow, very nice payout ratio, buy
VNO Vornado Realty Trust very long history, good results during recession, nice properties, lower dividend, buy small position
OHI Omega Healthcare Investors great amount of facilities, good dividend, risky technicals (double top) maybe buy very small position
BPY Brookfield Property Partners good technicals, very good dividend, buy
NYMT New York Mortgage Trust mortgage securities, surprisingly good technicals for such high dividend buy small position
STWD Starwood Property Trust mortgage loans and leasing real estate, very good dividend, technicals: breaking out pattern, buy small position
WSR Whitestone REIT retail buildings, relatively high dividend, average technicals, pays dividend monthly, buy small position
WY Weyerhaeuser owns forests in USA, land, wood products, partially energy (land for windmills, solar ...), not much that can go wrong with forests, good technicals, good dividend buy
RWT Redwood Trust mortgage reit for residential real estate, long history, stable since financial crisis, nice dividend, no movement in price,
PEB Pebblebrook Hotel Trust hospitality REIT, ok dividend, good technicals
MFA MFA Financial mortgage REIT, long history, was fine after the crisis, ok technicals, high dividend, their dividend does not grow but is super stable (impressive), around 100% payout ratio, so they cannot grow,
CIM Chimera Investment Corporation mortgage REIT, high and stable dividend, no growth, average technicals,
MAC Macerich retail REIT, long history, very high dividend (comparable to mortgage REITs), wait for bottoming technical pattern, dividend is stable and payout ratio is looking good, not sure why it is dropping like a rock long term watch for good technicals
TWO Two Harbors Investment Corp mortgage REIT, decreasing absolute dividend over time, 109% dividend payout ratio,, do not buy,
SVC Service Properties Trust diversified REIT (net leases for retail, travel centers for truck drivers plus mostly hotels in big cities - Marriot, Holiday Inn, ...), high dividend, very low payout ratio, consistent dividend growth, soon bottoming pattern,, buy larger position when technicals are good
PK Park Hotels & Resorts hospitality REIT (mostly Hilton hotels), do not think AirBnB would take their market share, very good dividend, good payout ratio, random dividend values each quarter,, buy when good technicals
APTS Preferred Apartment Communities multifamily, retail, office, student housing, loan investments, high dividend, regular dividend increases, it is dropping like a brick, but the numbers look good to me,, strong buy when recovers from free fall, watch it weekly

Canadian REIT:
TSE: NWH.UN, NorthWest Health Prop Real Est Inv Trust
they have portfolio all over the world - Canada, Germany, Brazil, Australia/NZ, Netherlands
Own hospitals, small private hospitals and clinics.
Looks like an attractive REIT.
2 euro on Degiro broker to buy, 2,5 euro per stock exchange per year, so if you buy on TSE, buy bigger position or other stocks there to compenstate for the yearly fee.

Other REITs o Etoro:

Ticker Company Notes Action
LEG.DE LEG Immobilien AG average technicals and dividend
TLG.DE TLG Immobilien AG good dividend buy little
TEG.DE TAG Immobilien ok technicals, ok dividend
VNA.DE Vonovia SE ok technicals, average dividend
DWNI.DE Deutsche Wohnen very low dividend for a REIT
ICAD.PA Icade SA good technicals, good dividend buy

Health Care REITs:
Eventually I would like to buy shares of all of these health REITs. Still need to do more research on dividend history and their exact portfolio. These had often 50% correction, but as health related company I do not see much risk.

Ticker Company Notes Action
HR Healthcare Realty Trust
WELL Welltower
HTA Healthcare Trust Of America
PEAK Healthpeak Properties
DOC Physicians Realty Trust large amount of properties, nice dividend, like this company so far
MPW Medical Properties Trust

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