ETFs to watch in 2021 | Etoro, Degiro, Trading 212

ETF stands for Exchange Traded Fund, it is simply a fund that can be bought on the stock exchange. ETFs are often composed of stocks that have something in common - are from the same sector, paying dividend or are from some specific country.

ETFs are good alternative to mutual funds because of significantly lower fees.

Below are some ETFs that I'm personally thinking about buying in 2021. The 'buy' mark means that I will be likely buying the ETF in the future, it is not recommendation to anyone else.

This is not investment advice.


ETFs to buy via Degiro broker without provision fees (only when you buy once a month, otherwise there are fees):

Ticker Company Notes Action
EAM: TGET NL0009690221 VanEck Global EW
EAM: TRET NL0009690239 VanEck Real Estate real estate buy small amounts every month
EAM: IBZL IE00B0M63516 iShares MSCI Brazil UCITS ETF (Dist)
EAM: IDJV IE00B0M62T89 iShares Euro Total Market Value Large UCITS ETF
EAM: VMVL IE00BYYR0C64 VANGUARD GLBLMINVO low fees, little overpriced now
EAM: IAPD IE00B14X4T88 ISHARES ASIA PACIF good technicals buy
EAM: IDVY IE00B0M62S72 ISHARES ESTOXX DIV good technicals, nice dividend buy
EAM: IKRA IE00B0M63391 ISHARES KOREA average technicals


ETFs to buy via Etoro broker without provision fees:
buy dividend funds from London exchange (ticker ends with .L), because they will have lower taxes on dividends. (Etoro taxes dividends from USA with 30% fee for some reason. This is very inconvenient for dividend investors.)

Note: EU citizens are no longer able to buy US based ETFs via eToro. So EU citizens can buy on eToro for example ETFs that end with .L - provided by London exchange.

Ticker Company Notes Action
IAPD.L iShares Asia Pacific Dividend UCITS ETF buy
IBB iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology
IBZ.L iShares MSCI Brazil UCITS ETF (Dist) buy
IDEM.L iShares MSCI Emerging Markets UCITS ETF (Dist) China, Korea, Tchai-wan buy
IJPE.L iShares MSCI Japan EUR Hedged ICITS ETF Japan buy
IUKP.L iShares UK Property UCITS ETF United Kingdom Real estate REITS buy
VUG Vanguard Growth ETF
VTV Vanguard Value ETF buy
XLRE Real Estate Select Sector SPDR buy small because high etoro fees on dividends
XLU Utilities Select Sector SPDR buy small due to high etoro dividend fees
XLV Healthcare Select Sector SPDR buy larger positions, dividend is low, so Etoro fees not so significant
XS6R.L Xtrackers Stoxx Europe 600 Utilities Swap ETF buy small

Trading 212

Ticker Company Notes Action
ETF in preparation