Random DevOps interview questions

  • describe Agile (SCRUM) and Waterfall methodologies
  • describe SWOT analysis, what is the outcome of such analysis?
  • what is UML?
  • describe how would you create variables in XML
  • know lots of stuff about SQL scriptng and table joining
  • what is hash? Is it the same length every time? (yes, same length every time)
  • When input to hash changes a little bit, does final has change a lot? (yes, changes a lot)
  • how do ssl certificates work?
  • what is Chain of Trust?
  • how do you encrypt a document for my friend? (he has to give me his public key and I will encript the document with his public key, he will decrypt it with his private key that only he has)
  • how does code review look like? (Feature functionality is often up to you, but other programmers will be looking at the code readability, variable naming, function structure ...)
  • can you fix bugs in the release branch? (yes, you can, because customer is using it, so it needs to be working. Just dont add random new features there, use feature branch instead)
  • what does code rebase do?

Networking topics:

OSI Model
Application - HTTP,
Presentation - encryption, decryption
Session - opens, closes communication sessions between applications
Transport - uses segments
Network - uses packets
Data_link - uses frames
Physical - uses bits

Lazaro Diaz, Udemy, Cisco CCNA R/S (200-120 & 200-125): The Complete Course