Investing in Genomic research and CRISPR technology

Page still in preparation, currently doing research on Genomic space. And will be watching this space for upcoming years.

CRISPR gene editing editing technology is capable of fixing malformed parts of DNA. As a result, body creates new cells correctly. This technology is believed to be able to stop cancer spread at early stages (or diabetes among many other applications).

Significant companies in genome editing space:
Intelia Therapeutics (NTLA)
Editas Medicine (EDIT)
Crispr Therapeutics (CRSP)
Invitae Corp (NVTA)

Holding individual companies that specialize in emerging technologies is very risky.

ETF/Copyportfolio options:
ARK Genomic ETF (ARKG) - for investors from Europe offers ARKG ETF as Contract For Difference (CFD) without overnight fees. Good for gaining exposure, but you will not own the equity.

CRISPR-Tech Genome Engineering Copyportfolio on eToro - you can buy curated basket of stocks oneToro, minimal investment is 1000$