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Trade set-ups July 2021

Significant correction for China stocks. Tencent and Alibaba on their 200 week EMA. Long if holds above the EMA. Recommended to buy on Hong Kong exchange due to risk of delisting. Intel (INTC) at 200 weekly Exponencial moving average, Long. We can hedge Intel Long with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSM).

Trade set-ups September 2020

Google (GOOG) finding support on 200 Exponencial Moving Average. Rather strong signal. Long Healthcare stock Gilead Sciences (GILD) might be finding support soon in its long term trading range. Long if support is formed. Tesla (TSLA) finding support on 50 EMA, also forming triange pattern. Waiting for breakout from triangle.

Trade set-ups August 2020

Wells Fargo (WFC) – currently in price range where it was 13 years ago. Looks like long term buy setup. China Telecom (728.HK) – showing quadruple bottomming pattern. Trades at prices seen 17 years ago. Possible long? Very similar story is China Mobile (941.HK). Baidu (BIDU) – having double bottom and getting above 200 day average. Long. NEO/USD Crypto. Watch for breakout of the triangle pattern. Silver (SLV) has breakout. Possible long when it gets back closer to moving averages. Equity Residential REIT (EQR) – Making tripple bottom. Looks like nice long setup. This REIT has lower dividend. But overall looks like nice exposure to Residential REITs. Long.