How to use minishift (dev environment for openshift)

Procedure for Windows:

go to

download the zip file from github, extract, possibly put it into C disk on the PC

open windows command line
navigate to minishift dir and execute the exe file with opptions pointing to Virtual box hypervisor (we assume Virtual box is already installed on PC)

c:\>cd minishift-1.34.1-windows-amd64
c:\minishift-1.34.1-windows-amd64>minishift.exe start --vm-driver virtualbox

minishift VM will be started and the command line output will show login information for openshift (in GUI via web browser).

OpenShift server started.

The server is accessible via web console at:

You are logged in as:
    User:     developer
    Password: <any value>

To login as administrator:
    oc login -u system:admin